2006. edition

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Ultimate celebrity pictures' collection

Large collection of high quality pictures and scans which presents female celebrities and supermodels
Bonus collection of super high quality images taken by digital photo camera
3 DVDs contain 84.000 files or 13 GB of data
Best visual quality
Can be played on any platform with your favourite picture viewer or any home DVD player




"I find your DVDs very good and I'm very glad I found it."
- Jonathan Shafer, USA

"Just a quick note to thank you for this excellent collection."
- David Paterson, Hong Kong

"We at Dior Model Agency find SuperBabes extremely helpful."
- Dior Model Agency, France

"...this is a fantastic resource..."
- Harley Men Magazine

"I must say I am impressed by the level of quality and customer focus demonstrated by your company. "
- Chris McDevitt, Canada


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